About the Brand

Declaré Switzerland founded for more than 30 years ago with a vision and principles of passion and knowledge to combine both innovation and tradition as their motif. Declaré Switzerland developed and specialises in skin care cosmetics for women with sensitive skin since 1979. Through the company’s consistent effort, advance technology with solid foundation of knowledge and desire, they are able to continue to develop and advance in creating and formulating high quality cosmetics for sensitive skin. Nowadays, Declaré Switzerland is still successfully fulfilling the expectations and requirements from women and men worldwide with sensitive skin. Declaré Switzerland brand in the present day is available in more than 40 countries globally, including Australia.

The brand’s name Declaré is from the Latin verb “declarare”, it means that Declaré is not just another brand’s name, yet it is to declare responsibility and honesty. With the values, the company reflects with it and show reliability and trustworthiness towards the clients.

Women and men with sensitive skin, naturally their skin is thinner compare to ‘normal’ skin types and they are much delicate and finer. The skin reacts to environmental issues and internal influences for example stress, hormonal problems, etc. With these issues, might have the possibility to itching and disrupting the skin’s surface and even occurs skin ageing at a young age. By Declaré’s advanced technology of scientific modernisation in the industry of sensitive skin cosmetics products are recognised internationally. The brand’s research department research has a highly demanding task to research on optimum skin-identical substances, skin compatibility and well-proportioned formulations are combined to form excellent cosmetics products. Through these research, it is represented in Declaré’s skin care products and allow the brand to meet the precise needs of sensitive skin clients. Declaré is always looking for new ways to meet the specific requirements of sensitive skin through their advanced technology, now in all Declaré products there is an essential ingredient which is the src complex (sensitivity-reducing complex).


Sensitive skin is usually irritated easily, and the skin’s balance is often in distressed and disturbed. Therefore, through in-depth research and with the use of advance technology, Declaré uses this important and vital ingredient in all Declaré skin care products, and that is the src complex (sensitivity-reducing complex). The src complex improves the function of the skin barrier and reinforces and strengthens the skin’s natural resistance. The src complex avoid cell damage and constantly guards the skin against premature ageing with its intensive cell protection.

SRC Complex

SRC Complex is a sensitivity reducing complex that helps in reduction of irritations for an even complexion and a sense of security. It is helps with improvement of the function of the skin’s barrier that reduces the sensitivity and boost the skin’s resistance. In this ingredient, there are active cell protection in order to prevent cell damage and early stages of skin ageing.

Active Ingredients in SRC Complex


Sensiline is made of linseed extract which have an anti-inflammatory effect. It reliefs lesser irritants to penetrate into the skin. In addition, Sensiline helps to suppress irritation of the skin including rashes, swelling and itching.


The plant based active ingredient, Structurine is extracted form white lupins (lupinus albus) that improves the quality of the outer most layer of the skin, called the stratum corneum. Structurine helps in strengthening the natural restructuring system of the skin, regenerates the function of the skin barrier and reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TWL).


This active ingredient gives protection for the skin’s immune system, it also acts as a ‘stress proteins’ for cell protection to support the protective mechanism and repair mechanism of the skin. Ectoin also offers protection against cell damage and ageing related with light or sun damage. Lastly, it also preserves the skin’s moisture to slowly release the moisturising effect from the skin.

Balance of the Formula

Raw and natural of the highest quality ingredients are only selected and personalised to use on the sensitive skin. Declaré’s research and development specialists works to find the best combination in the products to work effectively on sensitive skin. They create these ingredients and substances into a balanced formula that is for the specific requirements of sensitive skin. Throughout the whole product range, Declaré’s cosmetic products helps people with sensitive skin to restore and balance their skin.


For over 30 years, Declaré launched a few special feature products that are made specially made for sensitive skin people.

Special Fragrances

Products with fragrances might irritate the skin, but it is also an important part of the experience of using the product. Therefore, Declaré designed their own fragrance for their sensitive skin client that does not irritate their skin.

Combination of maximum tolerance with effective results

Women who have sensitive skin often have to take care of their skin without using any products with intensive effects are it might not be tolerable on the skin. Through Declaré’s research and development department and their detailed research, they are able to provide effectiveness with proven results and optimal tolerance in their cosmetics products.

Dermatological tested for sensitive skin

All products from Declaré are dermatological tested as it is their quality control for the brand to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of the products. The skin criteria for the test are for erythema, fissures and flaking, when test subjects do not have any reactions to these criteria after 48 and 72 hours, then the products will receive a Declaré seal of quality.